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General Motors (GM) is recycling used Chevy Volt batteries and putting them to good use by providing renewables-sourced power for the company’s new data center at its Milford Proving Ground. GM’s June 16 press release explains: Because the Volt typically draws its power from a band of energy in the battery pack, there is a lot […]

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Some neat news from my colleague Jeffrey Burt over at eWEEK today… Amazon is working with Community Energy to build an 80-megawatt solar farm in Virginia to help power its Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in Virginia. Jeffrey writes: The solar farm—which will be built in Accomack County, Va., and will power up as early as October […]

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Add Rackspace to the growing list of tech companies that are bringing energy efficient innovations to their cloud data centers beginning at the planning stage. Like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, the San Antonia-based cloud computing company plans to increase its cloud footprint by constructing a new data center using green design principles from the start. Gary Boyd, […]

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Microsoft has confirmed that it is getting ready to build a data center on land that the company is now in the midst of buying in Quincy, Wash. where the company already operates a modular computing facility. The 200-acre site will cost Microsoft $11 million and is expected to produce 100 full-time jobs. Construction starts […]

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Microsoft’s research arm and its Global Foundation Services unit are investigating ways of building the next-generation of energy efficient data centers with fuel cells. But rather than bolt Bloom Energy Servers onto their IT facilities, the company is looking into a more integrated solution. In a research paper, Microsoft describes how placing compact fuel cells in […]

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Cloud computing is really taking off, a trend that requires more big data centers to be built. For the most part, cloud providers are doing a great job of erecting green facilities, but what if they could tweak things further? IBM has a new patent that may help organizations extend their green initiatives to the […]

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New Jersey, New York and surrounding states are still dealing with the devastation that Hurricane Sandy unleashed on region last year. Wrecked homes, livelihoods derailed, and in some tragic cases, lost lives… The super storm took its toll on people, businesses and vital infrastructure. Yet despite the chaos, one company not only managed to keep the lights […]

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Happy Earth Day! Things have been kinda slow around here, mostly due to my commitments over at sites like eWEEK and Datamation and an ongoing (if glacially paced) upgrade to this blog. But it’s Earth Day, and it would be criminal for this Green IT blogger to not chime in. This year, as we face […]

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When will servers powered by Calxeda’s ARM-based EnergyCore SoC finally start to appear in data center racks? Soon, according to Karl Freund, the vice president of marketing for the technology startup. But you may not even realize it, and that suits the company just fine, at least in the near term. In a few short years, Calxeda […]

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Cloud services providers are making enormous strides in data center efficiency. Take, for instance, Microsoft. “Today, Microsoft delivers more than 200 online services to 1+ billion customers and 20 million businesses in over 76 markets worldwide,” posts Brian Janous, Utility Architect, Data Center Advanced Development, at the Microsoft Global Foundations Services Blog. And that takes a lot of […]

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