Today's Ten - ecoINSITE's must-read Green IT and greentech links

As the clean energy revolution gathers steam, the sector with attract trillions of dollars’ worth of investments, says S&P. GE got orders 20 new wind turbines last month; 2016 is the tipping point for SSDs; ARM’s new low-power chip can process 4K video; and Tesla is dead set on selling directly to consumers. Those stories […]

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Today's Ten - ecoINSITE's must-read Green IT and greentech links

Let’s dust this thing off… NASA and other climate scientists agree: 2015 was a scorcher. Sustainable electronics are gathering momentum; self-healing batteries may one day help EV owners brave the winter better; and GE’s move into Boston could mean good things for the area’s cleantech sector (yes, there is one). Plus, a leak in the Nest […]

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Chevy Bolt CES 2016

At the Detroit Auto Show this week, GM is still riding high on the buzz surrounding the new 2017 Chevy Bolt since officially unveiling the fully electric vehicle (EV) during CES last week, and not only because the car has a range of 200 miles. Part of the reason is neatly encapsulated in the title […]

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Most data centers are energy hogs

Bad news. While tech giants boast super-low power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratings, most corporate data centers aren’t following suit. A recent eWEEK article by Scot Petersen, a technology analyst at Ziff Brothers Investment, noted that while Google and Facebook are edging ever closer to a coveted 1.0 PUE score — the closer to 1.0 the […]

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Used Chevy Volt batteries provide backup power for GM data center

General Motors (GM) is recycling used Chevy Volt batteries and putting them to good use by providing renewables-sourced power for the company’s new data center at its Milford Proving Ground. GM’s June 16 press release explains: Because the Volt typically draws its power from a band of energy in the battery pack, there is a lot […]

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Amazon looks to the solar to power its cloud

Some neat news from my colleague Jeffrey Burt over at eWEEK today… Amazon is working with Community Energy to build an 80-megawatt solar farm in Virginia to help power its Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in Virginia. Jeffrey writes: The solar farm—which will be built in Accomack County, Va., and will power up as early as October […]

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Google wind farm

Apple isn’t the only tech giant making waves on the renewal energy front. Google is making a big commitment to wind power, enough to provide its Mountain View, Calif.-based headquarters with enough electricity for their operations. My colleague, Jaikumar Vijayan, over at eWEEK reports: As part of the agreement, NextEra will install new turbines at its […]

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E-waste recycling - Flickr User David Morris

If you’ve been nice, you probably got some neat new gadgets and gear upgrades. Congrats! Now it’s time to responsibly recycle your old, unwanted gadgets. They may have overstayed their welcome with you, but chances are good that someone, somewhere can use it for years to come. Gizmodo, in an update to its holiday recycling […]

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USA and China forge historic climate pact

Big, indeed. The world’s economic superpowers have essentially agreed that we can’t keep dumping carbon into the atmosphere. On Nov. 12, the White House and the Chinese government had a nice surprise for people that like to breathe pollution-free air and dream of one day owning oceanfront property, minus the risk of losing it to rising sea […]

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Venture capitalists are pumping money into smart grid startups. Mercom Capital, a cleantech and healthcare research firm, released a report revealing that VCs have poured $142 million into smart grid companies in 26 deals during the third quarter of 2014. By comparison, smart grid investments totaled 81 million across 13 deals during the second quarter. But funding is slightly […]

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