3PAR bidding war update: HP offers $2.1 billion

3PAR data center storage

How high will they go?

HP one-upped Dell with a roughly $2.1 billion bid to snag storage virtualization and thin provisioning firm 3PAR. At stake is nothing less than cloud domination! Actually, no, but close. IT vendors are scrambling to build their cloud portfolios, which rests on offering technologies and platforms that can scale to handle and store massive amounts of data without driving energy costs through the roof. And even if businesses are slow to migrate to a cloud architecture — or have no desire to do so — these

How will this all end? Well, HP seems pretty confident that it’s walking away with 3PAR. The company today announced new storage appliances and services that offer what 3PAR is already selling. Your move Dell.

Update: It’s over, HP wins $2.4 billion later.

Image Credit: 3PAR

by Pedro Hernandez on September 2, 2010 · 0 comments

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