Nest Floats 2.0 Update

Nest Smart Thermostat Update

What happens when you cloud-enable a smart thermostat? You get delicious updates, that’s what.

Nest is rolling out updates to “Nesters” over the next couple of days. According to the smart energy startup, they include some neat touches like iPhone, Android or Web apps with more controls. An exciting new addition is Energy History.

As its name suggests, users can access Energy History on the Web or via a smartphone to perform a deep dive into Nest’s energy usage stats. Providing energy data for the last 10 days, users can see which adjustments and settings offer the biggest bang for the buck.

The little puck that is the thermostat itself also gets some love with upgraded menus and options. But as summer slowly creeps up on us, the most interesting addition is Airwave. Nest’s founder and vice president of engineering, Matt Rogers, explains what the new functionality is all about:

When humidity in your home is low and the weather’s hot, Airwave can save up to 30% on your cooling costs.

Here’s how: After your air conditioner turns off, it stays cold for awhile, just like your ice cream stays cold after it comes out of the freezer. Airwave stops your air-conditioner early, then uses the fan to spread cold air from your turned-off compressor through your home.

Cool, right? (Pun intended.) Check out some of the other features like changing away temperatures and setting ranges on your mobile.

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