Fusio-io expands product line, signs Dell as OEM

Fusion-io add-on card picture

Fusion-io has added new hardware to its PCI Express based storage card lineup, giving servers a lot more high-performance solid-state storage to make short work of all those transactions. The company’s new ioMemory Module doubles the storage capacity of their existing PCIe card lineup, up to 1.28TB and boosting sustained IOPS to 285,000. Not too shabby!

Fusion-io has won fans for its energy-efficient method of implementing flash storage to add-on cards that give servers bleeding-edge performance. Apple’s legendary co-founder, Steve Wozniak, joined the startup as its chief scientist and an advisor. It’s tech is being used by Wine.com and MySpace, which are smitten by how it helps banish “loading” icons and screens, keeping their sites snappy, users engaged and energy costs low. The company also just added Dell to the list of top-tier server vendors — IBM and HP are the others — to offer Fusion-io cards as options in select configurations.

Not a bad time to be in the high-performance flash storage game, wouldn’t you say?

by Pedro Hernandez on August 19, 2010 · 2 comments

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